XXL Dog Bed Design

XXL dog bed – Owning dogs is wonderful, fulfilling experience. They are loyal companions, devoted friends, and suppliers of unconditional love. Even if they are happy to sleep on the floor as long as they are close to their human family, you can give them a luxury XXL dog bed with the simplest materials. Start by measuring your dog. Run the tape measure from the top of your dog’s tail to the nose. You want to measure to the tip of the tail because some dogs, like humans, like to sleep completely sprawled, and their tails have to pillowed along with the rest of them.

Amazing XXL Dog Bed

Amazing XXL Dog Bed

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Write these measurements down, and then add 9 inches to all pages. This will give you some space for the filling. Mark these measurements on the two blankets you have chosen to create a dog bed. Cut the blankets with your scissors measurements you’ve marked on blankets. Sew three edges on blankets together with needle and thread. Use coarse thread and double stitch sewing so the XXL dog bed can withstand tough roof and laundry. Doing your dog’s bed. Depending on the size of your dog, it may take several packages of pillow filling. You can also reuse old pillows from your home to stop the dog bed.

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Call your dog and put him on his new bed. It may be necessary to do this several times, because dogs are habitual. He may not realize immediately that this is his new bed and that it’s not only okay that he uses it, but also that you prefer he sleeps on the XXL dog bed than in his habit place. In fact, you may need to place the bed in the place where your dog sleeps normally so that he will use his new bed.

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