Unique Dog Beds Design

When you make a unique dog beds, you choose both fabric and stuffing. Cedar, a natural flea repellent, is a good choice. You can also use sheet wash or soft foam. Even though dogs can enjoy a blanket when they first settle down, most people quickly get too hot. They need a rug for comfort more than too hot. A piece of an old worn carpet or flannel nightgown that smells the owner would please most dogs.

Awesome Unique Dog Beds

Awesome Unique Dog Beds

Choose a wicker basket in a size that will fit your dog comfortably. Many dogs like a strong backing. If your dog is used to sleeping on a pillow bed that is worn and needs replacement, he may not need a basket. Make a big pillow for your dog to act as his bed. It can be rectangular, oval or any shape that suits him. Measure dimensions before buying any fabric. Choose a material that will be soft against his coat. Choose fill to unique dog beds. How much you buy depends on how firm you want the bed to be. Do not overstuff the bed.

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Unique dog beds cut the fabric to the dimensions you have measured leaving 1 inch for laying. Either by hand or by machine, sews the two rectangles with the right sides together. Leave around a foot at the end open so you can fill it later. Turn the bed right side out. Fill the bed with a filling. When it’s as tight as you want, sew up the outer edge. Arrange it in the basket of your dog. Take an old blanket that is worn thin or an old piece of clothing big enough to make a dog blanket. For big dogs, you may need to make a patchwork rug using pieces of clothes. Size the carpet according to the size of your dog. You want a piece of fabric that will cover him without allowing more than one foot to hang out in all directions.

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