Super Comfortable Dog Igloo Bed

Big Dog Igloo Bed

Dog igloo bed – To make a dog bed, the first thing to do is look for a cushion or a padded blanket . You can also use some old sleeping bag or if you prefer you can buy mattresses for camping or foam. Depending on the size of your pet will be the size of the bed that you must do. You think you should be comfortable, so your measurement should always be larger than your dog’s size. You should also consider the age of the same because if it is a puppy, the intention is for the bed to serve you when you are an adult. Find a place where you want to place your dog’s bed . It can be in your room, in the living room or where your dog used to sleep.

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You can choose to design your dog igloo bed with some motive that has to do with the space you choose. Remember that you should find a quiet place for your pet to feel comfortable . As advice, you must ensure that the cover has a closure , so you can remove it to wash it regularly and avoid bad odors and diseases in your pet. Once you have the mattress finished, you should make a base. The simplest thing is to make it with a cardboard box and go quilting with more blankets. You can also cover it with the same fabric of the mattress.

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Another option, to make a dog igloo bed, is to use some drawer of a piece of furniture . If you decide on that alternative, you can customize it with paint to make it more enjoyable. You can also do it in a basket. Choose one that has low edges. Cover them with the quilted material or wrap them with the fabric to prevent your dog from getting hurt. If you have a handle, you can decorate it with the same fabric.

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