Striped Dog Bed Style Ideas

Nov 4th

Striped dog bed – The canvas is a tough fabric and most can be easily cleaned. Carefully cut the fabric and finish the edges to make a sturdy bed for your dog using a tarp. Selection of the canvas. The type of canvas you choose will be key for your dog to adapt well to your new bed. Plain cotton canvases absorb a lot of moisture and trap dirt particles. The best thing is to look for a canvas made of treated leather. The treated skin has a stain resistant coating and a waterproof coating. These coatings make your dog’s bed easy to clean and keep in good condition. How to cut the canvas . Use sharp scissors to cut the edges of the canvas. Measure the length and height of your dog, and then add 4 inches to each dimension to get a cut size appropriate to the dimensions of the dog. Use a pencil to mark the dimensions on the canvas and draw two pieces. Then cut the pieces carefully and prevent the edges from fraying.

Wonderful Striped Dog Bed
Wonderful Striped Dog Bed
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Sewing is the main step that determines the length of a canvas striped dog bed for a dog. Finish the edges of the two pieces with a very tight enzygy stitch. Use a straight stitch to sew the two pieces leaving an opening of 1 foot between them, and then pull the canvas through the opening to put the piece to the right. Fill the bed with soft foam or old pillows. Leave ¼ inch all over the outside edge to close the gap and create a beautiful finish.

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When the tarpaulin striped dog bed gets dirty, pour approximately ¼ lid of liquid detergent into a bowl and add approximately one gallon of warm water. Take a brush and gently rub the detergent on the surface of the canvas. Allows the detergent to penetrate for about 15 minutes to remove the embedded dirt and bad odor. Rub the surface again and then rinse with clean water. Let the bed dry outdoors.