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Dog Bed Attached To Bed – A survey of 23,000 pet owners have conducted a few months ago. There were curious facts: a quarter of them acknowledged treating their pet as if they were small children and a little less than 75% acknowledged storing information of them. But perhaps the most striking thing is that half recognized sleeping with their pets .The truth is that sleep researchers have not paid much attention to the subject. We have a lot of pseudo-theories about ‘dominance’ or ‘doggy soul’ that enjoy much success in television realities, but research in the ‘ human-animal ‘ collection is a relatively neglected area.

These include some immune responses, allergies, asthma, or hypersensitivity pneumonitis, bites and scratches can also occur through which infectious diseases associated with domestic animals can be contracted ( Plaut, Zimmerman, and Goldstein ). In this sense, it cannot be said that the results of the survey are surprising. The most susceptible to this type of problem dog bed attached to bed are young children, pregnant women and immunodeficient patients ( Smith ). However, health risks, in general, are very low. Almost insignificant if the animals receive medical care and maintain proper hygiene. In general, major problems related to sleep quality involve peers (kicks, snores, etc.) and children, but pets also play an important role.

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However, it is difficult to know the real impact of these interruptions because they are very short interruptions that in themselves explain little. Interruptions may be related to temperature mismatches between dog bed attached to bed humans and pets. Finally, animals can be an important source of conflict and stress in relationships. In general, it seems that science gives reason to common sense. Sleeping accompanied by animals may have some problems but always related to previous problems at the sanitary and behavioral level. And on the other hand, if our pet is healthy, has proper hygiene and a good education not only there are no problems but can have very positive effects.

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