Size Of Backpacking Dog Bed

Backpacking Dog Bed Travel

Backpacking dog bed is a relatively simple process, and homemade dog beds are much better quality than pre-purchased dog beds, because you can choose which materials you will use. The best material for cover is thick material such as denim. Be careful with the fill you choose — make sure it is washable. If your dog has skin problems, make sure the filling is allergic.

The size

Determine what size you need the backpacking dog bed to be. Measure enough material for the size you want, and make sure to leave an extra inch on the pieces. The extra inch gives you space for a powerful boot. Cut two pieces of the same size. These pieces will be top and bottom of dog bed. You can make the dog the bed like a pillow, or you can make it thicker by making pages on the dog bed. To make pages, you need to cut the material one inch larger than the size you want except for the hem. If you want a 24-inch square dog bed, the material must be 26 inches on all sides.

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Make a dog bed

Turn the material over so that you can see the back of it. Fold an inch of material over and fasten it in place. Iron pleat. Sew along the edge of the fold, make a sleeve. Do this to all four sides of both pieces of material. If you want to put a design on top of backpacking dog bed, cut out designs from contrasting materials and sew the design on top of the material. If you make a pillow style bed, put the two pieces of material together on the right side. Sew along the edges, giving a 6-inch space open so you can turn off the bed right side out and stop the bed. Press the filling in the bed, making it reach all corners. Using a curly stitch, sew up the opening.  If you make a thicker bed with sides, fold the material on both pieces in one inch. Sew a pair of seams along the outer edge of the fold. You should have a 1-inch tab on both pieces of material when done.

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