Raised Dog Bed Design

Dec 12th

Raised dog bed – To take it back I bring you a construction that surely you find very useful. These are the instructions for building a raised bed for our dogs. We connect the pipes by forming a rectangle with the connectors, leaving all the holes in the corners open up. We hit each corner hard with a hammer so that the connectors are correctly placed. Do not be afraid that it will break, PVC is very resistant. Once we have the rectangular structure built we proceed to place the legs. To do this on a hard surface we place the legs in the holes of the connectors and hit the top until the legs are perfectly inserted and tight.

Wood Raised Dog Bed
Wood Raised Dog Bed
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Then spread the cloth on the floor and place our base structure with the legs up. Try to keep the structure in the center of the fabric. We fold the corners of the cloth into the frame. At this point we must make sure that it is centered again. At the corners we make a triangular fold below the raised dog bed frame, to later secure the fabric from the top. The rest of the cloth we wrap in the pipe as explained in the previous point.

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Next we make the first hole and place the first screw, which will be in the middle of the pipe on one of the sides (remember the structure follows upside down) catching the cloth. We must make sure that the fabric is as tight as possible and that by screwing we are picking up the fabric. Screw it until the screw is flush with the cloth. Repeat the previous step in each of the pipes trying to place approximately six screws spaced in each one. We can add two more screws on the bottom of the two opposite corners (on the connectors) to reinforce the legs. At this point we can now turn the raised dog bed and screw the top. Here the ideal thing is to place five screws following the descending form inwards that makes the fabric.

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