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Camo dog beds – Create a personalized and different bed for your pet with a camo design. Make it unique with the photo and the name of your pet. Depending on the characteristics of each breed in terms of size and weight, we can classify dogs in the small, medium, large and giant categories. Each group will need a lifestyle, food, bed and different care. Dogs weighing less than 10 kilos are considered small dogs. Among them are breeds such as Chihuahua, Pekingese, papillon, Shih Tzu. Also Yorkshire, mini-pinscher, bichon, boston terrier, small poodle, carlino or french bulldog. These types of dogs are between 20 and 40 cm in height. Some of its characteristics are its more delicate dentures.

The greater sensitivity to the changes of temperature and the extreme temperatures and a faster metabolism and organic rhythm. So, if you have this dogs type, you can use personalized camo dog beds at little size. In the group ofmedium dogs, between 10 and 30 kilos, there are breeds like beagle. And basset, collie, bulldog, bull terrier, standard poodle, cocker spaniel. Also water dog, pitbull, shar pei, schnauzer or spaniel. Its height ranges between 30 and 60 cm depending on the breed. These types of dogs easily adapt to live in a flat but do not neglect your daily walks. Because they need to play and exercise. For this, should using personalized medium camo dog beds. They are big dogs those between 30 and 50 kilos and a height of between 50 and 75 cm.

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The bobtail, boxer, siberian husky, arm, dalmatian, chow chow, doberman. Also spanish greyhound, golden retriever, argentinian bulldog, labrador, lebrel. And also german shepherd, rottweiler, samoyed or the English Setter are some of the races that encompasses this group. And there is one more category, that of giant dogs. Those that weigh more than 50 kilos and oscillate between 60 and 90 cm in height. The Bulldog, the Great Dane, the Leonberger, the Pyrenean Mastiff, the Spanish, Neapolitan and Tibetan mastiffs, Newfoundland or St. Bernard are breeds of giant dogs. Due to their size they will need an abundant diet and exercise to keep fit with their high weight. And for this, recommended to using personalized big camo dog beds.

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