Modern Nesting Dog Beds

Nesting dog beds – If there is a warm and comfortable, soft place, you can bet your greyhound claims as his own, even if that space is your side of the bed or the expensive couch. Greyhounds are notorious television addicts; if you do not want it on the furniture, you should provide them another place for curling. They can take up a lot of space when stretched out, so get a bed that suits your size. They also like to dig or nest in their beds – a habit that can lead to rips – so be sure to get one that is wear resistant or cheap enough to replace often.

Awesome Nesting Dog Beds

Awesome Nesting Dog Beds

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Nesting dog beds comes in a variety of sizes, with equal widths of 56 inches and rectangular ones as large as 46 inches by 56 inches. Non-covered cushions are made of 100 percent cotton material, muslin tick and hypoallergenic fiber fillers. They are soft enough to allow your greyhound to form a nest, but thick enough to provide support for your weight. They come with removable covers that can be washed.

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Foam beds may be a good choice for your greyhound if the dog has destroyed other types of beds with constant digging and nesting. Foam beds can be relatively inexpensive, so it is less painful financially if the dog destroys it and needs to be replaced. They can be cut to any size or thickness. You can make a foam bed cover or simply place a blanket on top of it for a little comfort. Because greyhounds have very little body fat, buying an orthopedic nesting dog beds made from memory foam can benefit. Memory foam, unlike regular foam, is formed around the shape of the dog when lying down. Because the material automatically wraps its shape, greyhounds cannot feel the need to dig and nest.

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