Making Funny Dog Bed

Funny Dog Beds Car

Funny dog beds – Many people have cartons floating their wardrobes and other storage spaces. An innumerable number of these boxes end up in landfills every year. Many are also taken to recycling centers, which is preferable, but the recycling process still uses a lot of energy. Reusable cartons already available are the most ideal solution. If you are a pet owner wondering what to do with your own cartons, the pretty simple answer – turn a cardboard into a nice pet bed for your four-legged friend.


Use a large enough cardboard for your pet to fit in comfortably. Large dog breeds need very large funny dog beds, while smaller boxes are perfect for toy dogs and cats. Choose a box that does not have tears, moisture stains and other damage. Cut an opening on one side of the box; this allows your pet to climb in and out without skipping the side of the box. Make a block of U-shaped opening on one of the longer sides of the box with a matt knife. Use the knife to even cut a decorative stripe along the edges of the box, if you wish.

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Place a pillow in the bottom of the box for extra pillow. Cover the pillow in a terry towel and stop the edges of all around. The terry will remove moisture, such as drip, while absorbing any accidents. Take measurements for the ramp using a standard tape measure. Measure from the top of the bed straight down to the floor. Select the ideal angle of the ramp, and with this angle, measure from the top of the funny dog beds to the floor. Measure and cut out the plywood base for the bottom of the ramp. This makes it easy for the dog to come on and off the bed. An ideal size would be 12 by 12 inches. Use a saw or chainsaw to cut wood.

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