Ideas For Make Platform Dog Bed

Platform Dog Bed Ideas

Platform dog bed – The dog industry seems to offer everything: collars, belts, toys, food and a wide selection of beds for man’s best friends. As humans, we sometimes forget how relaxing it can be to have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Why make your pet dream on the floor or on a thin, dog bed mass marketed? Platform dog bed is good for air circulation, keeping moisture and mites away, and helping with joint pain in older animals. Make your own PVC platform dog bed for your furry friend with plumbing supplies and some other materials.

Ideas for make platform dog bed connect a three-way connector to a 28-inch connector and a 24-inch PVC pipe. This will frame the sides of the bed. Attach another three-way connector to the other ends of the pipes. Connect the other 28-inch and 24-inch tubes to the connectors to form a rectangle. Attach the connectors to the tubes using a hammer to push the tubes all the way into the connectors. Place the 4-inch PVC tubes into the remaining holes of the three-way connectors. These are the legs of the bed. Push the end caps on each of the four legs.

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Then to make platform dog bed, cut the fabric to measure 34 1/2 inches by 38 inches 1/2. Lay the fabric on the right side down on a hard surface. Lay the bed frame face down and centered on the top of the fabric. Fold the corners of the fabric under the frame, so that it has an angle of about 45 degrees. The corner of the frame should show when the right side frame is turned up. Fold one edge of the fabric over itself about ½ inches and then fold it again. It will have a bent fold at the edge of the fabric. This will prevent the fabric from fraying and reduce the risk of tearing.

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