Ideal High Dog Beds at Home

Dec 2nd

High dog beds – To teach a dog that sleeps in our bed to sleep in his, we must follow all the previous steps and, in addition, the following remedies can be applied. Whenever the dog tries to sleep on the sofa, in our bed or anywhere we do not want him to have access, we can guide him to his bed saying “to your site”, pointing out the place with our arm and hand, and teaching the dog a prize. Show him a prize and let him follow with his snout, while we guide him to his bed, is the best way to tell the dog what his site is. Once you are on the bed, we will reward you. I always recommend that the prize be not just edible.

Portable High Dog Beds
Portable High Dog Beds
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That is: once the dog is in bed, we can reward him with caresses and massages that encourage him to relax. These caresses often appeal to us even more than the edible prizes because they involve direct and affective contact with us. They are a very powerful enhancer. Stick with our scent: often it helps to cover the high dog beds with a blanket or sheet that we have used and has our smell. Feeling the smell of the owner is comforting for many dogs. Annoy a dog when he goes to bed: it is a simple and very functional remedy.

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If we do not stop moving when the dog goes to bed, in the end he will decide that it is not a comfortable place to sleep and will opt for his own high dog beds. Let’s do it naturally but insistently Plastic sheets: In some cases, you can buy a few meters of plastic (from which they sell to cover the clothes lying when it rains, for example) and use them as an over-sheet during the first few nights. The touch of the plastic is not pleasant and the dogs prefer to sleep on surfaces of cloth.