How Do Canopy Dog Bed Diy?

Sep 2nd

Canopy dog bed – Whether you want to give it some protection from sun when it’s outdoors or add a little style to it, putting a canopy on your puppy’s bed will make you feel like a prince. Best of all, canopy is lightweight and can be removed quickly when you want to change your bedding. Attach all four pieces to corners using 3-socket connectors. Make sure that third jack points up at each corner when frame is completely on floor and firmly hammers all joints with a hammer to secure tubes securely into connectors.

Wicker Canopy Dog Bed
Wicker Canopy Dog Bed

Cut four identical pieces of PVC pipe so you can make a 24-36 inch arch above your dog’s bed. This measurement depends on size of bed and height to which you want to put awning, so you must be clear of how you want it before cutting pieces. Place one of four tube sections on each elbow at corners, then fold each to join them over center of bed and place each end into a four-way PVC T to hold canopy dog bed together. Place frame on bed of your dog and put curtains or other adornments as garlands if you wish. Put scarves or strips of transparent cloth across canopy frame and use tapes or curtain ties to tie them together.

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You can remove canopy dog bed to put curtains with hems in pipes. Try to sew hems of triangle-shaped fabric pieces on each side so they can slide leaving bottom and front open to allow pup access and circulation of breeze. Another fun way to cover frame is to make a large fabric bun over center using fabric or four scarves tied together at one end and then drop rest around each tube. simplest of all is to place a circular piece of cloth on frame and tie only front so it can access. Paint PVC according to instructions on label, if you prefer to color it. Normal paints do not adhere well.

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