Homemade Dog Burrow Bed From Fabric

Oct 28th

Dog Burrow Bed – Attract a favorite canine friend of the house furniture by tempting with a diffused, comfortable bed to call your own. A burrow bed offers more of the normal flat pillow, giving it special cuddle corners and cracks that you crave to cherish. If prices in the pet store chain are an impediment, try to make one at home for a fraction of the cost. By using recycled materials, a super soft, the custom bed can be made for next to nothing. Buy a cheap standard size pillow. To reduce costs, try using a used pillow already infused with the smell of the pet’s favorite person. Purchase or sweep approximately 2 1/2 yards of fabric.

Dog Burrow Bed Simple
Dog Burrow Bed Simple
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Reuse a poorly fitted sweater, well-loved T-shirt or an old wool jacket for significant savings. Cut the fabric into two pieces large enough to cover the entire pillow, or fold a large piece of fabric in half for the same effect. For coats or shirts reused, cut a sleeve along the bottom of the dog burrow bed. Use the remaining tissue to create the flap, which will need to be a couple of inches larger on each side of the pillow cover. This additional space allows the dog to be comfortable but firm. Pin then sew a short end of a pillow-sized piece to the fin, with liner material in the same direction. You will need tucking to make the great piece fit.

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Place the two pillow-sized pieces on the top of another with any design or lining material dog burrow bed facing the other. This will form a cover from the inside out, with the flap in the middle. Secure the perimeter of the cover with studs on three sides. Leave the flap free on one of the longer sides, or when the fabric is bent and sewing is not necessary. Avoid fixing the short side where the flap is already sewn to one of the pieces of the pillow cover. Leave this completely open, because this is where the pillow is inserted and removed for cleaning.