Homemade Dog Bed Ideas

Homemade dog bed – Dogs love to be out for the same reasons as we does — fresh air, sun, and grass between the toes. But your dog’s enthusiasm can cause her trouble — trample and dig down discounts, chew dangerous plants or explore prohibited areas. Designing a homemade dog bed that is safe for — and from — your dog requires you to take into consideration her natural instincts.

Homemade Dog Bed Cute

Homemade Dog Bed Cute

Non-toxic choices

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Avoid all plants that can cause an allergic or toxic reaction in your dog. Many common landscape plants are poisonous for dogs. According to ASPCA, azaleas, ideogram, oleander and tulip bulbs are very toxic to dogs. Also consider plants that are poisonous or allergenic to humans — specifically Poison Ivy. Your dog’s coat protects her from the volatile oils that cause itching, crying blisters so familiar to gardeners, but they can transfer the oils.  Urushiol, the source of all this itching, stays active for months on tools, homemade dog bed. Fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and rat poison can damage or kill your dog. Do not expect your dog to “know better” than to take toxic substances. Organic products are not necessarily non-toxic; Read and follow the label direction carefully and keep it safe.

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Protect your plants

The rule of good fence makes good neighbors apply to dogs as well. If you really want to protect sensitive plants, fresh seedbeds and valuable ornamental plants, fence them. Certainly. Compost your plantings. Fresh dirt is simply too irresistible for most dogs to ignore. Combine this temptation with a little composted fertilizer and your homemade dog bed is seriously vulnerable. A thick layer of cedar bark or root compost can provide some protection. Avid Diggers — Terriers, We’re talking About You! — Can see through this scam, requires the use of additional protection. Discouraging can help protect newly planted areas. Choose a poison-free, repellent spray or invest in a motion-activated, water spraying scarecrow. Hook this device up to your hose and it will shoot a short, unfortunate — but enough startling – burst water at your digger. Choose the largest facilities your budget allows. In no ruthless battle between dogs and plants, size usually wins.

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