Dog Crate Bed from a Box of Fruit

Oct 20th

Dog crate bed – Do you have a dog and want to make a nice little bed? A good idea may be to recycle a box of fruit. Which you can easily find by ordering them in your fruit shop or waiting for the ones left in the street to be taken out. With a few tweaks, it will stop being a vegetable box to become your bed dream. As well as a precious decorative object for your home. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the box thoroughly. Once clean and dry cut or remove the strip from the front, which is what will be the entrance to your bedroom. Second, we proceed to sand the entire surface in case the box is made of wood.

Steel Dog Crate Bed
Steel Dog Crate Bed
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If the wood is nice we can leave it untreated, but we can also paint it of the color that we want and even decorate it with decoupage. Third, we place a cushion the size of the box, which will serve as a mattress and on top of it a small blanket. It is important to put a blanket because it is much easier to wash than a cushion, unless it has a zipper. You do not want your dog to stop liking your creation for being dirty, right? You can put wheels under dog crate bed if you want, although this is optional.

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When you use close dog crate bed and your dog is used to go in the box with the drawer door open, try closing the door for a few seconds while receiving treatment. Stay by the box so that your dog can see you and after a few seconds of praise, open the box and let your dog. The idea is to encourage your dog and make him feel like walking in the box is a positive measure not a negative. Increase the amount of time you have the door closed until finally your dog can be left alone for 10 minutes. If he can stand 10 minutes, then he’s good to walk. Some dogs find their dog crate bed to be peaceful, relaxing and safe. It’s also a great place for them to get their much needed doggy napkins.

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