Waterproof Dog Beds for Cars

Dog Beds for Cars – Surely something similar happened to you: at last, the holidays have arrived and we are going to travel the whole family. But, what do I do with my pet? In this post, we leave you a series of recommendations to travel with your pet safely especially by cars. It is […]

Amazing Striped Dog Bed

Striped dog bed – The canvas is a tough fabric and most can be easily cleaned. Carefully cut the fabric and finish the edges to make a sturdy bed for your dog using a tarp. Selection of the canvas. The type of canvas you choose will be key for your dog to adapt well to […]

Canopy Cute Dog Beds

Cute dog beds – The rise of ecological awareness leads many owners to buy only organic products. Luckily, there are many models of dog beds. These options are often more expensive than standard ones, however, they are often more durable and contribute to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Hammock type: These are easy to maintain and […]

Orange dog bed – The particularly resistant and easy-to-handle dog bed from the well-known company Hunter is very durable and robust. It has a thick and soft padding that is comfortable to lie on. Practical: The bed can also be used outdoors thanks to the waterproof coating. The dog bed Grimstad combines Hunters as always, […]

Homemade Dog Bed Cute

Homemade dog bed – Dogs love to be out for the same reasons as we does — fresh air, sun, and grass between the toes. But your dog’s enthusiasm can cause her trouble — trample and dig down discounts, chew dangerous plants or explore prohibited areas. Designing a homemade dog bed that is safe for […]

Cozy Dog Nesting Bed

Dog nesting bed – At bedtime, dogs usually find a comfortable and pleasant place to do it, usually it is our bed. While we may like to have the company of our pet, it is a fact that they are only animals and as such, should have their own space to sleep. In the market […]

Amazing Pizza Dog Bed

Beds with foam pizza dog bed are the best beds for your dog. You should be your first choice if your furry friend is huge. If you are a responsible owner, you should provide your dog with a bed so that you can sleep comfortably. In most cases, the owner can provide beds that are […]

Elevated Dog Bed Blue

Elevated dog bed – These types of beds are ideal to avoid soil moisture and to offer a completely comforting rest to our little furry ones. Therefore, there is no excuse for after reading this post does not get to work to offer the bed dreamed of your furry. It seems to lie with how […]

Amazing Pooch Planet Dog Bed

Pooch planet dog bed – The dog bed is one of your personal belongings that, even if it is washed, never seem to be clean. And is that although we put it in the washing machine, its hairs seem to adhere and become part of it as if nothing we had done. Will there be […]

Cozy Dog Car Bed

Choosing a good dog car bed for your pet may not be easy for you during the first few months you spend together and make you sleep on it may not either. You should keep in mind that having a pet is a great responsibility and it takes a lot of time, dedication and effort […]