Dog Bed Cot Placement

Dog bed cot – Just like you, even your trusty four-legged friend needs a comfortable bed where you can make your daily rest and where to spend some quiet nights. You might think it’s easy to choose the cot for your dog, but that is not the case. Dog bed cot style can be the best. It can keep your pet out of the cold floor in the winter. Also and keep them cool in the summer as mentioned above. Now comes the hardest part of making your dog use his new bed. After read this explaining, certainly it’s not that hard.

4 Legs Dog Bed Cot

4 Legs Dog Bed Cot

So, take some blankets that the puppy used earlier and systematically in the new bed. For the moment put the new bed in the same place as the dog was in the past. Choosing the place where the dog bed will be placed can also affect the size and style of the dog. So when you choose you will also have to consider this variant. It’s not a problem if you put your dog bed cot in your room. So you can sleep in the same room. But you have to make sure it is not within the reach of feet. Or cupboard doors or also the like that oblige you to move and reposition your bed regularly.

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Remember that the dog loves to find her bed in the same place and possibly as she has left her. If you want to let the dog sleep in the living room instead of in your room, you can progressively move his jaw night after night until it reaches its final position. In this way the dog will have time to get used to moving without trauma or tears. It usually tends to place the dog bed cot in the kitchen or in the living room. Even though the dog sleeps two rooms away from you will not feel alone and above all you will avoid waking it whenever you get up to go to the bathroom the night.

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