DIY PVC Pipe Dog Bed Frame

PVC Pipe Dog Bed

PVC pipe dog bed – A PVC tube-frame dog bed is a basic frame with the legs to raise it from the ground slightly. This allows air to flow underneath your dog, making it more comfortable to lie in bed. You can build a bed just like this for your dog and place it where it likes to sleep. These instructions are for a 4-foot-by-2-½ foot bed that holds most dogs, but you can only adjust the length, width or both to make a bed that fits your dog better.

Cut two lengths of PVC tube to 4 feet long and two more to 2½ feet long, using a saw. These are for the frame of the bed. Cut four PVC pipe dog bed to 6 inches long. These are the legs on the bed. Place tripod pieces of the tube on the floor to form a rectangle and connect each corner with an elbow T-tube. The only vertical opening in the fitting must be facing upwards. Place each tube for the legs in each opening of the fitting. Slip an end cap over the bottom of the leg.

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Turn the PVC pipe dog bed over so it rests on the legs and drapes the fabric over it. The edges of the fabric should hang over the sides of the frame by 2 inches. Place a plastic tray over the fabric and press against the underside of any of the picture tubes so that the curve of the tray fits the tube. The tray should keep the fabric in place but not visible from the side of the bed. Insert a screw through the tray and fabric and into the tube using a drill. Attach four tiles along each side of the frame to hold the fabric in place. Cut out excess fabric with scissors.

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