Cleaning Plaid Dog Bed

Plaid dog bed – Your dog bed can be exquisite, but even your dog does not want to get near the bed when it’s dirty. Before you start cleaning the bed, you should examine it. Most stains do not go through a simple washing in the washing machine. Take a look at the location of the spots. If you find blood spots, check to see if your dog has any sores. The foam beds have foam padding and an outer cover, while the blankets have no foam padding and include several blankets. To clean a foam bed, do the following.

Amazing Plaid Dog Bed

Amazing Plaid Dog Bed

The foam plaid dog bed in a foam padding protected by a lid. The filling and the lid must be cleaned separately. The cover usually has a zipper or Velcro closure. Carefully remove the shutter from the lid and open the lid. The blanket has a lot of dog hair in it. The blanket should never be washed without removing the hair. Shake well. Do not stop until you feel that there is no hair left. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove hair. A mental note was made of all the spots, right? Take the stain remover and put it on the stains. If this is not the case, some points may also be present after washing the lid.

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Place the lid on the washer and wash it. Hot water helps get rid of insects (and eggs) on the deck. Use warm water to wash the lid. Do not use strong detergents as your dog is sensitive to harsh chemicals. Fill your bathtub partially with warm water. Add a little detergent. Now put the foam in the water. Let it work for a while. Now use your hands (no brush, a brush could damage the foam) to bring the water from the tub through the foam plaid dog bed. Now, dry the lid and lather in the sun. A dryer can damage the foam and reduce the size of the cover. Do not use a tumble dryer.

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