Choosing Bagel Dog Bed

Sep 9th

Bagel dog bed – Dogs need hot beds in cold weather. Some dogs only need an isolated house and straw-filled bed to survive frost. Other dogs need extra heat really protected from the cold. If your dog sleeps outdoors, in a basement or on cement, provides extra protection against cold like puppies, older dogs and sick dogs are particularly sensitive to cold. Be careful with your dog, indoors or outdoors, have a warm place to sleep away from sleep and bad weather. Sometimes making your dog cozy in winter is as simple as the bed heater. You can isolate a pet bed in these simple ways.

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Space blanket. An inexpensive tool for keeping out moisture and insulating against cold is an emergency or space blanket. These thin foil type blankets are available in outdoor, hardware and low cost stores. Open the dog bedside hood and stop the blanket around the padding. Some dogs will not sleep on the bed because of the crinkly foil sound. For these dogs fold the foil and place it under the bagel dog bed. The foil can easily be cut to any shape.

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Bubble wrap. Bubble plastic is cheap and can be cut to fit into a dog bed. Put slabs or strips of bubble over the bed and use scissors to cut them to the right size. Push them into the bagel dog bed under the bed pad. You can use one or more layers to protect the bed from a cold floor. If the bubbles plan out, they are easy to replace with new bubbles. Some builders’ houses have bubbles that are bonded to foil layers for a more efficient insulation and vapor barrier.

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Memory foam or other allergenic foam is excellent for insulating the bed and adding extra suppression to arthritic joints in older dogs. Buy a twin-size mattress tops. It will provide enough foam for two or three dog beds. Air skimmed out for a couple of days before cutting it in size. Some dogs will not sleep on the bed until the new smell leaves. If the regular dog bed padding is worn, cut one or more layers of foam to replace the old padding.