Choose The Right Igloo Dog Bed

Igloo Dog Bed Fro Living Room

Igloo dog bed – Have you ever noticed that your dog likes to burrow inside of your blankets or into anything else that’s soft and comfortable? Many dogs can feel much safer and cozier when surrounded on all sides by a warm material, as dogs have a natural instinct to den. Their ancestors would have been much safer from the elements when inside of a burrow. Hooded and dome dog beds tap into this instinct, giving your puppy pal a place to delightfully doze. To pick the perfect dog bed, you should consider the bed size, the bed style, and any additional features that you or your pup might need.

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When shopping Igloo dog bed, make sure you buy one that’s the correct size for your dog. A large dog won’t be able to fit comfortably inside a bed made for a smaller breed, and a small pup won’t appreciate the vaulted ceilings of a bed made to accommodate a 100 lbs. dog! Style. Since your pooch won’t care how the bed looks as long as it’s comfy, you’re free to choose whatever style of hooded or dome dog beds you prefer. You may want to pick a color that matches your decor and color scheme, or you can pick something a bit more fun. It’ll function as a conversation piece either way!

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Igloo dog bed from Wayfair are the ideal solution for providing any dog with a private, cozy place to sleep and relax. We carry quality brands with numerous features that dog owners and their dogs love, and we promise that you’ll get plenty of adorable photos of your dog snuggling up in their bed to post on Instagram. If your dog displays burrowing, then it’s time to reward your fuzzy friend for being a good boy or girl with their very own and very cozy hooded/dome dog bed. Browse our fantastic collection today.