Best Nightstand Dog Bed

Sep 17th

Nightstand dog bed – If you want to give your dog a comfortable bed so you can sleep, build it using an old bedside table. You will enjoy being close to you in your own safe space and everyone will have a good night’s rest. Make nightstand dog bed, measure your dog. Before turning a bedside table into a bed, you have to do it to know if it will fit inside of it once you are done. Dogs can take up more space than you can imagine, so you should not measure it with the naked eye, aid it from a tape measure and take the measurements correctly. It is usually best to wait until you are asleep and stretched to take the correct length from the nose to the base of your tail. He may be curled up most of the time, but his bed will have enough room for him to stretch out if he wants to. Add about 12 centimeters to the measurements.

White Nightstand Dog Bed
White Nightstand Dog Bed
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The choice of a bedside table. When you have taken the measurements of your dog correctly, you will see that only a small dog will fit inside the bedside table. This is definitely not the style for a Saint Bernard, but for small breeds like papillons you can usually find a bedside table that will work. The standard size of a nightstand dog bed for a small dog is 19 by 24 inches or 30 inches if it is round, just right for a rectangular or octagonal table. Any table that has dimensions below these in the interior is very probable you will not be able to use it without making him considerable modifications.

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Start the work and finish it. Make the nightstand dog bed. Finish the project by putting the upholstery. You can use a commercial bed if your bedside table is close to the size of a bed for a standard dog or you can put a pillow that suits you. If you prefer to make one, cut a cardboard pattern using the measures that the bedside table has on the inside. Adjust the pattern until it fits perfectly, then use a cardboard as a guide to cut two pieces of fabric, you must add a half-inch around the outline for when you sew it.