Best Dog Bed Sofa DIY Construction

Dog Bed Sofa – The pets are our best friends, and we want the best for them. However, all the love we have cannot sometimes avoid some realities, as we do not always have space at home to prepare a spacious and comfortable place for them. In such cases, creative solutions are necessary. This is one of them: a “sofa bed for pets”, which is a bed that can be stored without taking place when, for example, visitors arrive. If your animals are out in the yard during the day, you can also open it at night to save space in your home. But here you can find directions to build it yourself.

Raised Dog Bed Sofa

Raised Dog Bed Sofa

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The original design of this Dog Bed Sofa, designed for commercialization, is not made with recycled wood. But if you like carpentry, or want a smaller model, it is an excellent project to make with the woods you have. If you use pallets, keep in mind that you need to sand them very well and place some sealant so that there are no splinters that will hurt your friends.

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First, arrange a scheme of furniture you want to build, according to the size of your pet and your needs. Since you need a vertical container and a bed base that you can take out and store, you can do whatever you want. Once you have a design in mind, think carefully about what pieces of wood you need. Then get them and prepare the wood (sanding well so you do not hurt your animal). Begin by building the structure of the furniture. Then build the bed, and make sure it fits well. Once you have the structure, paint and give the finish you want to the wood. Choose a mattress. You can buy it at a pet store or also use a crib mattress, or sofa cushions. Make a new cover so your pets will not destroy it. Ready! Enjoy with your pets, and save your awesome dog bed sofa when the visitors arrive.

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